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Research Project on Business Model Innovation

ENVISION is an EU funded program aiming at Understanding and supporting business model innovation, with a specific challenge set out by EU in HORIZON 2020 INSO-2-2014 call.

By leveraging existing networks and communities, ENVISION gathers examples, best practices and insights on Business Models (BM) from case studies from each and every European region or industry, complemented with insights from other leading countries worldwide.

ENVISION operates the BM vortex which generates an enormous and rich library of business models patterns and managerial structures, provided on a platform, to support SMEs in these communities.

ENVISION also develops innovative tooling and provides them on the platform to makes it easy for SMEs to develop, evaluate and plan new business models.

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is for Case studies on Business Model Innovation
Business modeling case library for research purposes

Our objective is to collect data on Business Model Innovation (BMI) by Small and Medium Enterprises throughout Europe over a period of three years in order to analyze if BMI contributes to the innovativeness and competiveness of SMEs. By conducting 40 short case studies and 20 longitudinal Case studies we can provide insights, such as best practices of BMI, and evaluation of the BM tooling in practice. A short case study is a detailed study on a case company’s Business Model, how it innovates Business Model(s), what kind of tools and approaches it uses, and what the outcomes are, i.e. the performance of the case company. The longitudinal case studies follow action design research approach in which researchers actively collaborate with SMEs and other stakeholders. It allows researchers to directly engage with companies in order to learn about the process of BMI but also to apply and evaluate tools and methods developed in the project. The case studies will produce research data that will be shared between ENVISION in this secure platform. Only the responsible researcher of each case study has the access to its data. However, the case company can approve the access rights to all ENVISION researchers, to ENVISION consortium and/or to ENVISION promotional activities. After the project is finalised research data will be stored in a database that can be consulted after permission of the ENVISION project management. ENVISION will never disclose any private or company confidential information. During data collection phase we ask the informants to check if there is anything in the research data that should not to be disclosed. The case data can also be anonymised on request.

Our Team


Marikka Heikkilä

University of Turku, Finland
is leading the collection of Case studies in ENVISION.


TU Delft, The Netherlands
is the leader of ENVISION project

Francisco Jose Molina Castillo

University of Murcia, Spain
is doing case studies especially about spanish SMEs

Andreja Pucihar

University of Maribor, Slovenia
is doing case studies on Slovenian SMEs

Rimantas Gatautis

Kaunas University of technology
is doing case studies on Lithuanian SMEs

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